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Confidence Collar Walk Set


Confidence Dog Collar
Confidence Dog Leash
Confidence Bag Dispenser

Meet our Confidence Collar Walk Set:
The ultimate walk set for your dog. Including
a Confidence Collar, a Confidence Leash, and our newest release, the Confidence Bag Dispenser, our Confidence Collar Walk Set provides you and your dog with all the essentials for everyday walks. Every item was designed to complement one another, making this trio: the Confidence Collar + Confidence Leash + Confidence Bag Dispenser, the all-in-one set you and your dog have always wished for. Get yours now!

Lovingly designed and thought for your
dog, our Confidence collar unites tradition
and sophistication. Made with premium vegan leather and featuring zinc alloy hardware finished in silver, it combines design, beauty
& functionality in one piece.
Made with premium vegan leather and
featuring zinc alloy hardware finished in silver,
it will redefine your walks with your dog, both
in comfort and aesthetics. Thanks to our vegan leather, the Confidence leash is very soft to the touch, ensuring comfort even during long walks.
Made with premium vegan leather and
featuring an invisible magnet closure, our
dog bag dispenser brings together design and functionality. Designed to fit our Confidence leash to perfection, our Confidence bag dispenser features a zinc alloy snap hook that can be easily attached to our leash handle ring, making it an essential accessory for any occasion.
You will receive your Neula’s purchase into one of our signature gift boxes because having you and your best friend around is the most valuable gift to us.
Along with your order, you will get a piece
of #neulasadvice to warm your heart and soul. Discover more about #neulasadvice reading our Instagram posts.
We’d love to see your dog wearing our Confidence Collection! Mention us @neulathedog on your’s Instagram story, and we win the chance to get featured on our Instagram.


Our walk set, you and your dog share something in common: confidence.
A self-empowerment feeling that can transform your life from the inside out.
When you choose confidence, you will always stand out because you’ve learned
that your true value lies within yourself.

Size Guide


XS 20-28 cm 1.5 cm
S 28-36 cm 2 cm
M 36-44 cm 2 cm
L 44-52 cm 2.5 cm
XS 7.9-11" 0.59"
S 11-14.2" 0.78"
M 14.2-17.3" 0.78"
L 17.3-20.5" 0.98"

In order to find which collar size will best fit your dog, we recommend measuring around the base
of his/her neck (A) using a measuring tape. Remember that each brand has its own size chart and that they might differ one from another. For that reason, we strongly recommend taking your dog’s measurements carefully before placing an order.

  • When taking your dog’s neck measurement, have in mind that the collar should fit around his/her neck with room to fit one to two fingers between the collar and the neck. That will provide extra comfort to your dog, preventing the collar from getting too tight.
  • If your dog is in between sizes we recommend choosing the bigger one.


XS 117 cm 1.5 cm Recommended for small dogs up to 5 KG
S 120 cm 2 cm Recommended for medium to large dogs up to 40 KG
XS 46" 0.59" Recommended for small dogs up to 11 LBS
S 47.2" 0.78" Recommended for medium to large dogs up to 88 LBS

Bag Dispensers

One Size 7 cm 3.5 cm
One Size 2.76" 1.38"
Not sure about your dog’s size?
We are glad to help!



To make your product last longer, we recommend keeping it in a safe place and wearing it only during walks. It will provide more comfort to your dog and will also enhance the product’s durability. Frequent scratching could cause vegan leather to peel over time.


We recommend keeping your product away from water and other liquids. Excessive water contact could damage it. If it happens to be a rainy day or
it got wet unintentionally, do not worry! Use a soft cloth and dry it on. It will be just fine.


We recommend using a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt from the product surface. If you can clean it with a dry cloth, consider using it instead of a damp one. Wipe it over with soft strokes. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to remove any moisture until it is fully dried.

Remember my friend, the way you use,
care, and love your product is by far more important and valuable than any caring tip we could give you. Because your product’s durability and longevity are directly linked to it. So, take care and love it just like you care and love your best friend!

8 reviews for Confidence Collar Walk Set

  1. English

    Yumiko T. Verified Purchase

    Hello, this is my review for my purchase in Neula. I bought a Confidence walk set.
    The color is brown. The material feels very nice and looks of superior quality. I like that it is vegan leather but looks as good and beautiful as genuine leather.
    I bought it for my small toy poodle and it fits well. Took almost 3 weeks to get to Tokyo. Packaging is so beautiful.
    I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. English

    Julia G. Verified Purchase

    I’ve been looking for stylish accessories for my dog for a long time and I am glad I finally found Neula’s shop.
    I fell in love with the walk set from the moment I saw the picture. To be honest, I was even more surprised when I got it
    because the quality is super, the touch is so soft and the material is amazing because it has “structure”. I mean it is something
    that you do feel and perceive quality by the touch. Would buy it again for sure and recommend it to anyone.

  3. English

    Lily G. Verified Purchase

    Beautiful products and quick shipping.

  4. English

    Tomomi N. Verified Purchase

    That was my first online shopping experience abroad. It was very easy to place the order.
    Products arrived in 12 days in Osaka. I contacted customer service many times before purchase and they were very kind and helped me all along with my purchase.
    The items are beautiful.

  5. English

    Danielle F. Verified Purchase

    Loved the set! The collar and leash are beautiful! I’ve been using it for a month now, and all I can tell
    you is that it is by far, the most comfortable leash ever. It somehow adapts itself to your hand over time
    and feels so nice. The poop bag dispenser is super cute!

  6. English

    Ellen B. Verified Purchase

    Love the look and convenience of the poop bag dispenser! Great quality.
    I purchased the color brown and it was exactly the same as shown in photos.
    I have a miniature poodle 15 lb bought size S for her, both collar and leash.

  7. English

    Olivia P. Verified Purchase

    Love the colour and the material!
    It took 12 days to arrive in Australia, which is fine as they ship from Spain.
    Would definitely recommend it.

  8. Spanish

    Carlota F. Verified Purchase

    Este kit es precioso!
    Compre la talla XS de collar y correa para mi pomerania. Me encanta el color.
    Se nota la calidad de la piel vegana. No tiene nada que ver con el cuero sintetico que ves por alli en productos de mascotas.
    Si tienes un perrito pequeño como el mio, este conjunto es lo que estas buscando!!

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