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From Neula, we inform Users that our website (hereinafter the “Website”), uses cookies and collects Users’ IP addresses to personalize the browsing experience and improve our services.

This Cookies Policy is part of the Terms & Conditions of this Website and is intended to provide information about cookies so that the User can decide on their management and use.

Neula may update this Cookies Policy in order to reflect precisely the cookies used on the Website. Therefore, we recommend that the User check it periodically.

Cookies are small files that websites transfer to the User’s device to store information about their browsing and preferences. As already mentioned above, the main goal of the use of cookies on our Website is to improve and facilitate the User’s browsing experience. For instance, cookies allow the User not to have to login every time he/she accesses the Website, they save language preferences during browsing, as well as manage the shopping cart and wishlist, keeping the items added by the User on his/her future visits. Cookies also help us measure audience and traffic and understand the needs of our Users through their browsing.

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At all times, the User has the option to disable or eliminate the cookies installed on their device, accessing their browser preferences. However, by doing so, the Website will not function correctly, resulting in a less satisfactory browsing experience since certain functionalities will be disabled. For this reason, we recommend the User keeping them activated so that they can enjoy the best of our Website.

Below, we provide the User with some links with information on how to manage cookies from the main browsers:

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