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Our story started back in July 2016, when we adopted Neula, our dog. She changed our lives completely. With Neula, was born an unconditional love for dogs and the dream to share it with the world through a brand that could speak to dogs and dog owners, from the inside out.

With Neula’s arrival, we were landing on the world of dogs and, consequently, getting to know the current pet market. However, we had difficulty finding dog products that were both beautiful and functional. The aesthetics and materials were very much alike, and the designs looked outdated. We also found a few dog brands that were more innovative and had like-minded views to those we were looking for, but they were not affordable for most people. So there were two opposite sides: one which was cost-effective and functional, but not aesthetic oriented and, on the other hand, another which was functional and beautiful but out of reach for most people.

However, we wanted more than just reaching for a middle ground between function, beauty, and affordability. We wanted to translate what Neula is to us. What your dog is to you. The uniqueness of your connection. So we brought Neula to you, to your dog, to your home, through beautiful and functional dog accessories.


At Neula, we are committed to caring for you and your dog, from the inside out. Celebrating the uniqueness of your connection through accessories that are as beautiful and unique as your bond.

As a brand, and as human beings, we believe in the power of true connection. We not only believe but have experienced the beauty of a dog-human bond, and how fulfilling, and transforming it can be in one’s life. Our best friends always stand by us. They are mirrors of the good that lives within ourselves. They are reminders of the beauty of just being who we are. They acknowledge your uniqueness, as we, Neula, acknowledge and deeply honor your unique connection. They give us STRENGTH, they teach us about COURAGE, they love us with KINDNESS and they remind us of the CONFIDENCE that lies within us.

With that in mind, combined with our professional background as designers, we founded Neula.
We have designed for you and your best friend, a range of dog accessories that not only convey elegance, comfort, and quality but tell about your remarkable bond.
Our dog accessories selection includes collars, leashes, harnesses, and poop bag dispensers, combined in four collections named after the singular bonds between dogs and humans.

Here, at Neula, your connection with your best friend is a unique design.


Mental health plays a big role in our story, and we feel very committed to this cause. Back in 2017, a year later after Neula’s adoption, we opened an Instagram account for her, @neulathedog. Initially, it was just intended to make a collection of Neula’s adventures, so we could have this as a memoir. However, Neula’s account became an inspirational hub for many people through her posts which were lovingly named #neulasadvice. Behind those texts is Vitória, one of our founders. She always had writing as an output to express her feelings. Her inspiration comes from her unique and unconditional bond with Neula, combined with her own life experiences. Through #neulasadvice, Vitória intends to encourage readers to embrace their experiences and feelings as she believes there is always a lesson and growth behind the adversities of life. When we realized, Neula had formed a global community of resilient and loving people, who found in her, the encouragement and comfort they needed. Mental health then became a pillar for us in building the brand, as we’ve experienced the power behind the dog-human connection ourselves but also saw its impact through our community.

Hello my friends! 🤩 How are you? Passing by to wish you a beautiful week ahead! Always remember my friend, the true STRENGTH to overcome any obstacle in life lies within yourself! Sometimes we feel weak or incapable of dealing with some issues and that’s alright! We don’t have all the answers. But we do have the STRENGTH to endure anything. Inner strength is not meant to battle over things, but to learn to persevere on ourselves despite the adversities. There is always a new day, and a new opportunity, as long as we believe in our own capabilities and power. We don’t control life, we flow with it. So use your inner strength to open new pathways rather than battling over locked doors. I invite you to get to know my Strength dog collection, made for your and for your dog with love and care. 💞Sending lots of love! #neula #neulathedog #neulasadvice #doglover #dogbrand #dogshop #dogaccessories #dogloversofinstagram #dogs🐶🐶 #dogphotography #hund #hond #perros Hello my friends! 💕 Just me passing by with this beautiful smile and landscape to remind you it always can be a great day when we align with the best thoughts and best feelings! It takes one good thought 💭 to start a new pattern within ourselves 💕 Change starts by one small action. The effort is little. Stop the battle. Feeling good is the key. Your friendship and support makes me feel happy and in appreciation of the good, and I hope I can seed this appreciation feeling within you too through this holiday season ❤️ Love you 😍 #neula #neulathedog #neulasadvice #doginstagram #mindfulness #doglover #dogphotography #perro #perros #hundeaufinstagram #instadaily #dog #dogsinwilderness #doginnature #ilovemydog #dogs #dogslife #dogsofig #rescuedogsofinstagram #doglove Hello, my friends! I’ve been missing all of you! The last few weeks I’ve been enjoying a wonderful summer (winter there) vacations in moms home country, Brazil 🇧🇷 oh boy! I don’t have enough words to tell how amazing it has been. Which made me remind you to cherish each moment. Life is so full of surprises! We are here in the world to experience. Experience life. And life my friend is beautiful. It has some bumps but, what if I tell you the bumps make you see your own truth, by your own eyes and create your own life? 🥰 They say the sky is the limit… I’ve been there ✈️ and guess what? it’s limitless, as you and me 💞 love you 🥰 #dog #doglover #neula #neulathedog #neulasadvice #brazil #vacay #mindfulness #perros #petsofinstagram

We want you and your best friend to share your unique connection with us!

We invite you to meet Neula, a brand that cares for you and your best friend from the inside out.
Call upon your best feelings and let shine all the beauty that lives within you along with your best friend!

Are you in?


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