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Kindness Dog Leash


Meet our Kindness dog leash: elegance and
delicacy brought together in one piece. Made with premium vegan leather and featuring zinc alloy hardware finished in silver, it will redefine your walks with your dog, both in comfort and aesthetics. Thanks to our vegan leather, the Kindness leash is very soft to the touch, ensuring comfort even during long walks.
For a full Kindness look, you might like our matching collar.

Our Kindness dog leash is made with premium
vegan leather, providing your dog a beautiful, comfortable, and sophisticated look. Its soft surface and unique texture not only stand out in design but also ensures comfort to your hands for a pleasant walk with your best friend.
Our Kindness dog leash supports double-sided use, being as beautiful as comfortable on both sides. Moreover, thanks
to its 360º pivotal snap hook, it adapts itself to your dog’s movements, preventing leash twists.
You will receive your Neula’s purchase into one of our signature gift boxes because having you and your best friend around is the most valuable gift to us.
Along with your order, you will get a piece
of #neulasadvice to warm your heart and soul. Discover more about #neulasadvice reading our Instagram posts.


Our leash, you and your dog share something
in common: kindness.
A subtle yet powerful feeling that transforms and amplifies wherever it flows.
When you choose kindness, you will be attracting and experiencing good anywhere you go,
because you’ve learned that what lies within yourself, will always find its equivalence on the outside.

Size Guide


XS 117 cm 1.5 cm Recommended for small dogs up to 5 KG
S 120 cm 2 cm Recommended for medium to large dogs up to 40 KG
XS 46" 0.59" Recommended for small dogs up to 11 LBS
S 47.2" 0.78" Recommended for medium to large dogs up to 88 LBS

Not sure about your dog’s size?
We are glad to help!



To make your product last longer, we recommend keeping it in a safe place and wearing it only during walks. It will provide more comfort to your dog and will also enhance the product’s durability. Frequent scratching could cause vegan leather to peel over time.


We recommend keeping your product away from water and other liquids. Excessive water contact could damage it. If it happens to be a rainy day or
it got wet unintentionally, do not worry! Use a soft cloth and dry it on. It will be just fine.


We recommend using a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt from the product surface. If you can clean it with a dry cloth, consider using it instead of a damp one. Wipe it over with soft strokes. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to remove any moisture until it is fully dried.

Remember my friend, the way you use,
care, and love your product is by far more important and valuable than any caring tip we could give you. Because your product’s durability and longevity are directly linked to it. So, take care and love it just like you care and love your best friend!

5 reviews for Kindness Dog Leash

  1. English

    Martha G. Verified Purchase

    Great product. Very surprised with vegan leather quality. Feels very soft to the touch and the product overall is robust.

  2. English

    MIYUKI H. Verified Purchase

    ♥We bought a great collar and leash. The color is pink, which is a very cute shade. It was the same as the color posted on the net and it was good!
    ♥The collar has a tag of the Neula brand, which is a nice and eye-catching item that is also simple and cool!
    ♥ I also like the fact that the collar has an extra ring that is removable!
    ♥The leashes is texture is supple and very easy to use!
    ♥The gift box that arrived is also simple and cool!
    ♥I was so very happy that there was a handwritten message in the gift box!
    ♥After ordering, it was shipped the next day, which was a very nice response. Arrived in Japan in 18 days. Thank you very much for your prompt response. I’m really thankful to you!
    ♥It was my first time to shop abroad, but thanks to the kind and polite teaching from the beginning to the end, I am very happy to have a wonderful shopping!

    ♥私たちは素晴らしい首輪とリーシュを購入しました。 色はピンクで、とても可愛い色合いです。 ネットに掲載されている色と同じで良かったです。
    ♥ご注文後、翌日発送でとても良い対応でした。18日で日本に到着しました。迅速な対応ありがとうございました。 本当に感謝です。

  3. English

    Emilia A. Verified Purchase

    All fine.
    Leash looks very nice.

  4. English

    Thereza J. Verified Purchase

    I was looking for a new leash for my dog and found Neula’s shop through Google. (So glad I did!)
    The lead color is just stunning! Love that it is not too short, nor too long. Just about the perfect length for my little one.

  5. English

    Isabelle F. Verified Purchase

    My friend recommended me this brand as she bought this same kit in a pet shop in the US.
    Unfortunately they do not have any reseller nearby me (Toronto), so I decided to purchase online.
    The kit is a bit expensive but totally worth it. They are so beautiful and well made.
    I have two yorkies and XS fit them well. Would love to be able to shop your products locally though!

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