Introducing our Kindness Dog Seat Belt – the ultimate solution to keep your furry friend safer during car rides. Made with premium vegan leather in nude pink, our adjustable dog car leash offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Thanks to its user-friendly design, a single click is all it takes to get you on the road! This product is designed to be used with a harness. For a matching look, check out our Kindness harness!

Our Kindness Dog Seat Belt is made with premium
vegan leather in nude pink, providing your dog a beautiful, comfortable, and sophisticated look. Moreover, its soft surface and unique texture will seamlessly complement your car’s design.
With a built-in seat belt plug, the Kindness Dog Seat Belt is easy to use as its plug is compatible with most car models. Its adjustable strap not only ensures your dog is secured in place, but also allows you to adjust it to give your pup more or less freedom.
You will receive your Neula’s purchase into one of our signature gift boxes because having you and your best friend around is the most valuable gift to us.
Along with your order, you will get a piece
of #neulasadvice to warm your heart and soul. Discover more about #neulasadvice on our Instagram.


Our harness, you and your dog share something
in common: kindness.
A subtle yet powerful feeling that transforms and amplifies wherever it flows.
When you choose kindness, you will be attracting and experiencing good anywhere you go,
because you’ve learned that what lies within yourself, will always find its equivalence on the outside.

We strongly advise to use this product with a harness. Do not use a collar.
Please note that while our dog seat belt provides an added layer of safety, it is not a safety belt.
It is designed to contain your dog within your vehicle only, and not to protect them in any type of accident.
Neula is not responsible for what occurs once this product reaches the customer. Please use your best judgement when using this item.

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