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Courage Collar


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Lovingly designed and thought for your dog,
our Courage collar is a timeless classic. Made with premium vegan leather and featuring zinc alloy hardware finished in silver, it combines design, beauty & functionality in one piece.

Our Courage collar is made with premium
vegan leather, providing your dog a beautiful, comfortable, and sophisticated look. Its soft surface and unique texture stand out both in design as well as in comfort to your dog.
We know how unique and special your dog
is because so is Neula to us. To celebrate our uniqueness, every collar includes our signature Neula branded tag, made of zinc alloy, and finished in silver.
You will receive your Neula’s purchase into one of our signature gift boxes because having you and your best friend around is the most valuable gift to us.
Along with your order, you will get a piece
of #neulasadvice to warm your heart and soul. Discover more about #neulasadvice reading our Instagram posts.


Our collar, you and your dog share something
in common: courage.
An empowering yet daring feeling that pushes you towards making your dreams a reality.
When you choose courage, you will always be a step closer to success just because you’ve dared to try.

Size Guide


XS20-28 cm1.5 cm
S28-36 cm2 cm
M36-44 cm2 cm
L44-52 cm2.5 cm

In order to find which collar size will best fit your dog, we recommend measuring around the base
of his/her neck (A) using a measuring tape. Remember that each brand has its own size chart and that they might differ one from another. For that reason, we strongly recommend taking your dog’s measurements carefully before placing an order.

  • When taking your dog’s neck measurement, have in mind that the collar should fit around his/her neck with room to fit one to two fingers between the collar and the neck. That will provide extra comfort to your dog, preventing the collar from getting too tight.
  • If your dog is in between sizes we recommend choosing the bigger one.
Not sure about your dog’s size?
We are glad to help!
Contact us



To make your product last longer, we recommend keeping it in a safe place and wearing it only during walks. It will provide more comfort to your dog and will also enhance the product’s durability. Frequent scratching could cause vegan leather to peel over time.


We recommend keeping your product away from water and other liquids. Excessive water contact could damage it. If it happens to be a rainy day or
it got wet unintentionally, do not worry! Use a soft cloth and dry it on. It will be just fine.


We recommend using a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt from the product surface. If you can clean it with a dry cloth, consider using it instead of a damp one. Wipe it over with soft strokes. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to remove any moisture until it is fully dried.

Remember my friend, the way you use,
care, and love your product is by far more important and valuable than any caring tip we could give you. Because your product’s durability and longevity are directly linked to it. So, take care and love it just like you care and love your best friend!

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  1. Marcelo Russo Verified Purchase

    We are very happy with our Courage Collar. It has high quality in each detail. Sigmund, our Frenchie, loved it. Gift box is wonderful and we received a special surprise inside it.

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